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For or Against Blogrolls on a Website? Against.

Remember blogrolls? Those lists of recommended links to other websites usually placed in the sidebar used to be ubiquitous. You don’t see them as much nowadays. And that’s a good thing. They are bad for your website in many ways and should be left in the 1990s where they belong. Some argue that providing your […]

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Recognize Fake Comments On a Website

FYI, those sweet-but-slightly-weird comments you get on your blog are fake. I see these comments on sites all the time and you probably have too but may not have noticed anything particular about them. They look more or less normal. They’re always positive, often enthusiastic even. And who doesn’t like to see that someone out […]

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Easy Artist’s Statements For a Photography Website

Some photographers include an artist statement on their website, either a general one or project-specific ones. I’m no artist and I have never written one but I can imagine how painful it must be to formulate clearly in words the inspiration and ideas that drive a creative process. And quite frankly that difficulty often shows. […]

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Stop Image Harvesters Like HyperImage From Downloading All Your Images

News flash: not everyone thinks they should have to pay to use the great images you have on your website. And to make it easier for them to grab your work there are tools that download all the images on a website at a click of a button. One such tool is HyperImage (H/T Steve […]

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Clickable Website Addresses in Email Signatures

Too many photographers send out emails with footer signatures that don’t include a clickable link to their website. Learn how to get it right.

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