Too many photographers send out emails with footer signatures that don’t include a clickable link to their website. Sure, the URL is there; it just isn’t clickable. It’s plain text.

Most email software will duplicate the URL as an active hyperlink immediately after the non-clickable one but the result is ugly, semantically redundant and turns the signature into an unmemorable mess.

That’s a pity because email signatures are great marketing tools. Where else – aside from the email address – can a recipient find out about the sender? It allows you to repeat your brand, state your activity, provide updated contact information and lead the recipient straight to your most important marketing tool.

Fortunately, ensuring your recipient receives a clickable link couldn’t be easier: just use the entire url, including the http:// part, instead of just the shorter

  • will arrive clickable
  • won’t.

That’s all there is to it.