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I'm David, a web consultant based in New York City.
Let's make the Internet work harder for you.

Custom Websites

Modern, fast, fully editable, high-ranking, responsive and secure custom websites.

Site Optimization

SEO, speed and security improvements. Design updates. Website audits.

Content Management

Content organisation and updates. PhotoShelter archives setup and management.

Multilingual Websites

Full multi-language sites. English/French content revision.

Web Strategy

Goal definition, option reviews, recommendations.


WordPress admin use. Website growth tips. SEO strategies.

Maintenance & Support

Debugging, tweaks, updates and assistance.

Hosting Management

Fast servers, auto backups, staging site, malware cleaning, HTTPS and CDN. Domain name setup.

Katherine Marks

Commercial photographer

Portfolio site for a regular New York Times contributor.


Tour de l’Ain

Bike race

Data-rich custom website with stages, routes, teams, partners, results and press info for one of the major pro bike races in France.


Harold Feinstein

Photography trust

One of the major photographers of the 20th century, Harold Feinstein wanted to present his body of work and engage audiences around it. Now serving his trust.


Tao Geoghegan Hart

Pro cyclist

Profile website for one of Britain's most promising young cyclist. Includes his favorite rides.

  • I accompany my clients through the process from strategy definition to design and all the way past launch. I make sure they understand the available options. I can build custom website, install and alter existing themes and/or configure templated website solutions. I also look after and optimize existing websites — bringing or keeping them up-to-date, secure and performing — so that my clients can stay focused on their real work.

    My goal is to build them the most effective online marketing tool possible, show them how to grow it themselves and then provide complete peace of mind by having their backs at all times.

  • Not hosting per se but hosting management. I’ll let you have a slot on my developer account with a leading WordPress-specialized hosting provider and look after your site as though it were one of mine.

    You get all the top features of premium WordPress managed hosting and someone taking care of any hosting-related issue that may arise. I’ll even migrate your site for you and setup the DNS configuration. And on top of the hosting peace of mind you’ll save a few $ per month compared to getting your own hosting account.

    Hosting features include a staging site, faster servers, hardened servers, PHP7 and HTTP/2, malware protection and cleaning, SSL certificates (for https pages), automatic daily full backups and access to a CDN (speeds up the site for visitors further away). And you keep control of your site with direct access to the full backups of your site and the domain name settings.

  • If you get stuck, have any question or need something tweaked, I’ll help. No additional charge.

  • Yes, it will be optimized for all screen sizes from smartphones to jumbo desktop screens. No pinching or zooming to read the pages and no Flash content. More info on what responsiveness means for websites.

  • Absolutely – via WordPress’ user-friendly admin pages that let you edit texts, menus, slideshows and more.

  • I charge by the project, not by the hour. This means I will give you a quote for the completion of the project as defined and you won’t have to pay for each little addition or change of mind (within reason). The project is over when you are happy with it. I ask for 50% to start work and the balance upon main delivery (i.e. when my part is done). On most projects post-delivery support, tweaks and advice are always included free of charge.

    As for cost, each project is unique so a meaningful range is impossible to give. But give me some details and I will give you an idea as soon as possible.

  • Probably. Phone consultations cost $250 for up to 2 hours. Ask anything, including to make a quick fix to your site.

  • I have over 10 years experience as a freelance press photographer. My clients have included The New York Times, Le Monde, Der Spiegel and Saveur magazine. I have worked with Corbis, SIPA, AFP.

    I am also a Certified PhotoShelter Consultant. Need a PhotoShelter discount? Use KA4MA2E33V. More information here.

  • Because I treat their project like one of mine. I speak frankly with them and am personally invested in the project’s outcome.

  • Route 9W runs north from the north-west corner of New York City. It is the gateway to all the best cycling in the region.

I‘ve gotten a lot of compliments about the site from different people including corporate buyers and other VII photographers. It’s working out very well for my needs.

Tomas van Houtryve - Paris, France

Again, really impressed with the site, and very excited to have this set up.

Mike "Rusty" Woods - Girona, Spain

This looks spectacular! I love it.

Ian Boswell - Nice, France

Exactly what I hoped it would be. David was clear, concise, conscientious and a pleasure to work with. He made something that seemed a bit overwhelming far more manageable and almost easy.

Stacy Waldman Bass - Westport, CT

The archive you created for me is great, and has really helped grow my business. If you’d ever like a testimonial from me, please don’t hesitate to ask.

John Hafner - Missoula, MT

You are truly amazing. Life saver. I have never had a web expert be so responsive and so helpful in all my career!!

Sara Allen - Pasadena, CA

Thanks for creating a beautiful site and being so patient and thoughtful all along the way!

Harold Feinstein - Merrimac, MA

Lovely to work with. I had very specific design ideas and he was great about working with me on those. He follows up frequently and checks in to see how things are going.

Susan McWhinney - Nyack, NY