PhotoShelter is an outstanding online photo archive management tool that I recommend for most professional and advanced amateur photographers. I use it for my own photography business.


PhotoShelter has a dual purpose. It allows you to quickly build a full portfolio site and it allows you to place your photo archives online, manage them, showcase them, and sell/license them. You can use both features or either one separately.

The Standard account – the plan that fits the needs of 99% of photographers (and you can always upgrade later) – costs only $300 a year ($360 if billed monthly). That’s the price of a quarter page in a normal magazin. It will pay for itself in months if not weeks.

PhotoShelter gallery page customization


This isn’t the place for a detailed examination of PhotoShelter’s benefits but here are some key ones:
Fast servers. Your large-image portfolio site will be snappy.
Value for money. With a few clicks you set up a good looking and effective photography website
Image delivery via secure galleries. Works very well and, I believe, provides better protection against image theft and misuse than an FTP or Dropbox dump because of the login requirement and tracking.
Showcasing your work. Archive galleries are crawled by Google and searchable by visitors to the site (if you so choose).
Good people. Most of the people at PhotoShelter are either photographers themselves or are very deeply involved in the business. They understand and look out for the needs of pro photographers. I trust them.
Online availability. Your archives become accessible at any time from anywhere. Also good to have one more backup.

Use Discount Code DA6BR5BT44 To Get $15 Off

If register for PhotoShelter using this code you will begin with a free 14-day trial, and will then receive the discount at the time of first billing.

If you already have a free PhotoShelter accounts (either Starter or Buyer accounts), you can use the discount code to upgrade to a paid account. Log in to your account and enter the code into the Promo Code box available on the upgrade page and the discount will be applied.

And if you need any customization work done on your PhotoShelter pages get in touch.

PhotoShelter gallery page customization