Some photographers include an artist statement on their website, either a general one or project-specific ones. I’m no artist and I have never written one but I can imagine how painful it must be to formulate clearly in words the inspiration and ideas that drive a creative process.

And quite frankly that difficulty often shows. A well-written artist statement can bring some wonderful insights into a photographer’s choices but more often than not the statement is a lofty, meaningless and self-aggrandizing text that amounts to little more than an extreme exercise in ego stroking. It is also rather risky to tell the viewer that your work aspires to “change the world” or “challenge typical assumptions about honesty and truth”. After all the pictures are right there and the viewer’s opinions is not yours to control.

Fortunately there is a brilliant tool to make the process a whole lot easier: the Arty Bollocks Generator. I think mine is spot on.